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Use Trees to Save Energy All Year!

Do you know the energy saving power that shade trees have?

They can reduce your summer cooling costs by as much as 30%!

In winter, when the leaves fall off, they let the sun shine through and saving you on heating costs!

large shade tree by house

Now that spring is here, it is the perfect time to think about planting a beautiful deciduous tree. If you need more inspiration, consider that Arbor Day is coming (it’s the 4th Friday in April in New Jersey – each state sets it to the optimum tree planting time, so it varies). The Arbor Day Foundation calculates that 1,350 trees are estimated to produce nearly $295,000 in energy savings over 20 years. They have a pretty amazing website and offer shade trees, fruit trees, and evergreens at affordable prices. If you join the Arbor Day Foundation, you can receive 10 free trees!

Using the power of Mother Nature alone, you can reduce your energy consumption. And we’re all for that!