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Thinking of Converting?

Gas Conversion In NJ

We have a very important topic to update you on.

We’ve heard that gas utilities as well as HVAC companies are targeting your area and urging oil users to convert home heating systems to gas.We’d like to provide you with some details about converting that you likely won’t hear from the gas companies. It is very important that you know both sides of the conversion conversation in order to make the best decision.

We understand the lure of recent lower natural gas prices, but before you commit to converting your home to gas, please call us to discuss. Gas prices will not always be so low and gas conversion is NOT the best option for every home.

Here’s why conversion to gas may not be Your best choice:

  • Gas prices had dropped to historic lows last year but they are rising again. Natural gas spot prices at Henry Hub—a key benchmark and major trading location—averaged $3.75/MMBtu during the first half of 2013, up 57% from the $2.39/MMBtu average spot price for the first half of 2012.*
  • Converting your home will be very expensive.The average home conversion is between $8,000 and $9,000 (that’s just the average—yours might be lower but it could also be much higher). As gas prices rise you will not realize any savings by converting though you will have incurred a large, unanticipated expense. Nor do they normally tell you about the expense of relining your chimney for gas and the removal of your oil system, including the mandatory tank removal.
  • You will lose the many advantages oil heat provides. Oil heat burns at a much higher BTU than gas therefore making your home warmer and more comfortable in the cold winter months. Your local oil heat dealer is easier to deal with than a large gas utility, and response time for an unexpected repair is quicker and handled by someone who has an investment in keeping you happy.

What else they don’t tell you when they ask you to convert:

If you hold an insurance policy on your oil tank, the policy will be voided by converting to gas and any defect discovered in the tank removal phase will be your obligation.

One more very important consideration.

Dixon is your home energy expert and we can provide you with a realistic,
honest, reliable energy audit that you can use to make a rational decision. It will
cost you little but could save you thousands. And if you do decide to switch your
heating system we can do that for you at a competitive rate. After all these years,
Dixon Energy is the one you can trust. Don’t let this important decision be left up
to strangers that have no vested interest in keeping you happy.

Please call us first before you sign anything. It can’t hurt and it might save you a lot of money and heartache. Look at even more information here:

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