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Cut your winter fuel bills in HALF

With this winter’s energy prices expected to be higher than last’s, we’re doing everything we can to make a tough situation easier – and one great way is with our NEW SmartPay Program.

Dixon Energy SmartPay Services

Cut your winter bills from $500 to $220!
A typical homeowner who uses 1,000 gallons of fuel a year will spend about $500 each month from December through March, and another $420 for the rest of the year. With SmartPay, you have almost a full year to pay for your heat, lowering your monthly bill to about $220!

Here’s how SmartPay works:
Based on past fuel use, we estimate your heating costs for the season and divide it into 11 equal monthly payments. If your actual fuel costs differ, we’ll make adjustments along the way.

Save 3 cents a gallon.
To reward you for paying on time, we will give SmartPay customers a rebate of 3 cents per gallon at the end of the program year.

Add your service plan payments, too.
If you wish, you may also spread out the cost of your service plan by including it into the SmartPay Program.

Enrolling is easy!
To enroll in SmartPay, contact us via our online form, or call us at 1-800-562-0220.

Prepaid customers now have a choice!
SmartPay offers you the option of locking in a guaranteed price for the entire heating season now … and spreading your bills over 11 months without writing a big check up front. Plus, you pay only for the fuel you actually use!