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Propane For Heating

Here’s a Great Propane Offer:

young family with baby on couch in warm propane heated home

Call now and get $50 off your 1st AND 2nd deliveries
(heating accounts only)


  • Free Propane Tank Installation (parts additional)
  • Annual tank rental fee waived
  • Free leak check
  • Price Match Guarantee*
  • Rewards Points with Every Delivery

We have our own ample propane supply nearby, so while others might run out, we never will.

*Show us a lower price and we promise to match it!

Propane for All Other Needs, Too!
baby playing with water warmed by propane water heater

If you use Propane for heating, fireplaces, cooking, hot water, patio heaters, fire pits, or for your swimming pool heater, Dixon Energy offers first-rate service and installation for all your propane needs. We provide reliable Automatic Delivery. There’s also our convenient Budget Payment Plan that allows you to spread out your payments over time.

In addition, with every purchase you earn valuable Reward Points that can be used to buy fuel or equipment, or even donated to charity.

Propane Service Rates

Annual tank rent fees:

  • $39 per tank up to 499 gallons
  • $117 for each 500 gallon tank or 3 tanks
  • $234 each 1000 gallon tank

If you are a Dixon Dual Fuel customer—getting both propane and heating oil from us—your propane tank rental is Free! 

We Provide Service and Installations

Our trained and certified technicians will select and install the best, most efficient equipment for your home, pool, or appliances.

Propane services charges: $125 diagnostic and first hour, then $25 per 1/4 hour.
Terminate account: $75 tank pick up charge.

Construction Companies & Builders

If you need propane for your space heaters, generators or outdoor grills, remember that Dixon has been helping companies in the area for many years, and we’re ready to serve you, too. Call to learn about our on-site services.

We Even Do Barbecue Tanks!
Dixon Propane fuel services in NJ

Dixon Energy performs safe, convenient refills and exchanges of your BBQ tanks at the following location:

99 Cobb St., Rockaway
7:30 – 4-30 Weekdays
7:30 – 12:30 Saturdays

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