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Many Household Changes Can Affect Your Fuel Use

Made any changes around the house lately? Some can really impact your fuel use. 

It’s important for us to know so we can  adjust your fuel usage and our delivery schedule as cooler weather approaches. If you’ve had changes to your household since last winter, just give us a quick call to discuss.

Changes can include:

  • Architectural plans and drawings for home addition

    Adding an addition, or increasing your heated space in any way.

  • Additional insulation (a good thing!). Here’s a handy little calculator that lets you figure the cost to savings ratio. 
  • Adding a pool heater or other propane-powered appliance. While a pool heater would increase your propane use, a space heater would increase propane use and decrease your oil consumption.
  • Added a gas fireplace, which would increase your propane use and your romance factor by a lot!
  • Had a baby (we love happy news)! Or have elderly parents move in who like it much warmer. Additional people can cause heat to go on in spare rooms and increase hot water consumption with more showers and laundry.
  • Or alternately, perhaps you had a kid move out or go off to college, and your energy consumption (along with your food bills) might go down.
  • Installed new high efficiency windows. Don’t forget about this tax credit that also saves you money! 
  • Added a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat like this one, which will reduce your oil use.
  • You switched to gas and forgot to let us know.

This should just give you an idea of what to think about. If you made chan

ges, call us so we can give you the best service possible!


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