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Lower Your Heating Costs

Want to LOWER YOUR HEATING COSTS BY 16% In One Fell Swoop?!
Lower Your heating costs in New Jersey

A new, high efficiency Flame Retention Burner added to your existing heating unit saves on average 16% per year in heating fuel usage.* This optional, state-of-the-art piece of equipment has an “after-burner” effect that dramatically increases the amount of heat you get out of every gallon of fuel and reduces emissions into the atmosphere. At Dixon, we make Flame Retention Burners standard on all new installations, and we encourage retrofitting older equipment.

A Special Offer to Help Save Oil, Save Money, Save the Earth

Beckett Flame Retention Burner
No Money Down, No Interest. 6 Month Payment Plan!

Contact us today for more information at 973-334-1000 or email us.

*Determined by the Consumer Energy Council of America

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