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Humidity Is a Funny Thing and You Can Control It!

In summer, too much humidity can cause problems in your home making your basement damp and moldy, while in winter, when the heat is on, the lack of humidity can be very uncomfortable and often unhealthy. Also, when there is a lack of humidity in the air your home feels colder, prompting you to want to turn up the thermostat.

Living in a home with insufficient humidity is also known to increase the chances of suffering from colds, flus, and viruses. The process of adding moisture to the air is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort yet it is the least understood. Maintaining a relative humidity level between 40 and 60 percent is ideal. In addition to health issues, air that is too dry can damage wood furniture and flooring. It really is nothing to sneeze at!

a Hygrometer to measure humidity in the home
A hygrometer is the tool to measure the humidity in the air. They come both analog, like this one, and digital.

In the old days, our grandmothers would keep a kettle of boiling water on the wood stove to try and infuse the air with much-needed moisture. These days we have sophisticated options that are easy to have installed and do not cost a lot to maintain. They can be monitored easily by a touch screen mounted on your wall and monitored by a Wi-Fi app which can help conserve energy in your home while maintaining optimum health and comfort.

Look at this page to learn more about the consequences of dry air, and to learn about the Aprilaire solution! We can add an Aprilaire humidification unit onto your existing heating system in many cases. Then you can easily control the level of humidity in your house, to keep it healthier and cleaner. And you will save on heat, because moist air holds more heat and that means you will feel warmer. It’s a pretty amazing thing, air.