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Summer Energy Saving Tips

10 Truly Useful Ways to Conserve Energy and Save in Summer

  1. lovely older home surrounded by shade trees keeping it cool in summer
    Shade trees do a wonderful job of keeping a home cool in summer (warm in winter, too, when they drop their leaves and let the sun in!)

    1. Plant shade trees especially on the western side of the house. It can reduce the work your air conditioner does and cut the electricity it uses by up to 25%!

  2. 2. Install patio covers, use awnings, or porch blinds to shade your home from the sun.
  3. 3. Move furniture away from air conditioning vents.
  4. 4. Keep drapes, blinds and shades closed during the day to block out the sun.
  5. 5. Cook on the grill to keep cooking heat outside the home.
  6. 6.Cooking inside? Use a microwave instead of a conventional oven. It uses less than half the power and cooks food in about one-fourth the time.
  7. 7. Use ceiling fans to cool your home. They’re much cheaper to operate than air conditioners, and moving air feels cooler.
  8. 8. Open windows on cool summer days and nights. A good rule of thumb is not to open windows when the outside temperature is warmer than the inside of your house.
  9. 9. Hang your laundry outdoors to dry.
  10. 10. Keep the coils of your air conditioner free of dust and dirt.
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