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    Old DB truck-edited

    Our company today is the culmination of generations dedicated to providing quality heat and professional services to New Jersey’s Sussex and Morris Counties.Currently run by sisters Jennifer and Sally Pierson, Dixon began more than 120 years ago in 1895, when Cyrus Byram Dixon built Boonton’s first icehouse. Learn how our exceptional service has brought us from ice cutting on the lake to cutting edge
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    Heating Oil & Propane Delivery • Air Conditioning • Whole House Generators • High Efficiency Equipment Service and Installations • Service Plans • Budget Plans • Online Account Access • Rewards Points.


    The smart choice for home comfort—unmatched for safety, reliability and performance. Read More >


    Propane is a workhorse—cooking, heating, barbecuing, pool heating, water heaters, fireplaces, etc. Read More >

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    7 Advantages of Minisplits

    Minisplits—heat pumps that both heat and cool—are breaking through on a large scale now.

    As people become more familiar with the technology that operates minisplits, the fear of the new is being outweighed by their many positive attributes. What is so good about them, anyway? ..Read More

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