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    Dear Mr. Levitt,
    I wish to express my sincere thanks to Elvis, Adam and Ralph from Service for always being so helpful and courteous. Their knowledge and dedication are reassuring and I know that they will do their best to deal with the issue at hand.

    I believe that strong service deserves appropriate recognition and helps to build a solid customer base. In my opinion, Elvis, Adam and Ralph have worked hard to earn this recognition.

    My family has done business with Dixon Bros. / A&A Oil since 1956. And thanks to the joint effort of your dedicated staff, we have every intention of continuing this business relationship.

    Thank you.

    — Ennis M. Mittman

  • Heating Services In NJ Dixon Bros


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  • Heating Services In NJ Dixon Bros


    Dixon Energy zero percent financing ServicesAvailable on all upgrades and new equipment.
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  • Heating Services In NJ Dixon Bros

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Why Service Agreements Are Valuable


Dixon Energy offers maintenance agreements for heating and air conditioning equipment because we believe they offer customers value and ways to save.

Such agreements generally include an annual tune-up and efficiency test, and many also give a discount off parts and labor and/or no diagnostic fee. The customer also gets bumped up the ladder and receives priority repair service when there’s a problem.

In the same way that you have your car tuned up after so many miles, valuable heating and air conditioning equipment needs to be maintained to run at peak efficiency. When equipment runs efficiently, it saves money. Techs can often spot a problem before it becomes a costly repair or replacement when they do maintenance work.  Sometimes, our service technicians give advice on updated equipment that might be added onto an existing system to make a home more comfortable and save more on heating and cooling.

Heating and air conditioning equipment is becoming smarter, more reliable, and simpler to manage. Today it’s easier for you to realize savings and efficiency through improved  thermostats, home humidification systems, burner technology, and outdoor temperature sensors, among others. You can have more control of your home comfort and save more, too. If you are interested. look over Dixon’s Service Agreements here.